Found on the Web #24: Tomb of Park Kyung-Ni; Kapitan Ri; translation

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Once again, a trio of things that I found quite interesting, but couldn’t make into  complete posts.

• If, like me, you like to visit the museums, home-towns, etc. of writers, you will be interested in London Korea Links’ visit (almost?) to the tomb of Park Kyung-Ni (the author of the epic Land, which LKL also discusses here)

• A bit late, but an article from the Korea Times focusing on the dangers of poor translators and, happily, the dangers of underpaying and under-valorizing translators. It contrasts the success of Kim Chi-Young (Please Look After Mom) and the failure of the Korea-EU FTA documents, which apparently contained 200 errors.

• Last, but not least, from Between the Tracks and the River an outside review of Kapitan Ri (Link has rotted) (in some collections Kapitan Lee) by Chon Kwangyong, a brilliantly funny story of a multiple-collaborator making his slippery way through life. Kapitan Ri can be found in the collection Land of Exile: Contemporary Korean Fiction as well as in Flowers of Fire: Twentieth-Century Korean Stories.





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  1. Nice..

    I’ve also just ordered a book of North Korean short fiction, so I should have more to talk about on that soon..

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