Found on the Web #26: LKL on Our Twisted Hero, Forum in France, Korean lit

Found on the Web

Found on the web

First things first.^^ Over at the excellent London Korean Links you can find Philip’s review of Yi Mun-yol’s Our Twisted Hero.It’s a book I really loved, but Philip has a different view saying, in part:

Our Twisted Hero is rather a chore to read, though it is interesting for its balanced assessment of the rights and wrongs of Korea’s developmental dictatorship. But political allegory gets in the way of character delineation, with the result that you feel no sympathy with any of the protagonists.

Check it out.

If you’re living in France, eating cheese, drinking wine, and hanging out with the distinctive form of French monkey, this might interest you. LTI Korea, as part of its internationalization push, is holding a forum on the 30th. The money information is:

LTI Korea’s France forum takes place on Oct. 30 in a number of bookstores and libraries in Aix-en Province and Lyon. Three young Korean writers, Kim Ae-ran, Pyeon Hye-young and Kim Jung-hyuk, will each have a book-reading session during the event. All three writers’ works have previously been published in French.

Unfortunately, if you try to check this out on the LTI Korea webpage, you only find forums for 2011?

Finally, over at Arirang an article titled, Outlook for Korean Literature is Bright, but Challenges Remain. It begins predictably (and unfortunately) with that K-lilt focus on the Nobel Prize, but includes short interviews with Kwak Hyo-hwan, General Secretary of the Daesan Foundation and Jeong Myeong-kyo, Professor in the Dept. of Korean Literature at Yonsei. I’m not sure how they missed interviewing me.^^

Not very long, and worth taking a look at…