Found on the web #27: Cool Korea site; Gord Sellar on “agency”; poet cleared

Found on the Web

Found on the web

• A new, cool, site called koreanology. It deals with all aspects of Korean culture including language and popular culture. I’m particularly impressed by its multi-post discussions, such as Introduction to Yu Deukgong’s “Nostalgic Reflections of the Twenty-One Capitals” 二十一都懷古詩 (1792). I should say this sort of thing has much more meaning to me now that I’m trying to understand the culture of classical Korea.^^

• From Gord Sellar an essay titled, ““Thinking Big: RPGs, Teaching in Korea, and the Subversive Idea of Agency.”  Which I found fascinating overall, but particularly useful with respect to its discussion of agency, which is often, from the western perspective, lacking in Korean translated fiction.

* An interesting article on a “dissident’ poet and democratic activist Kim Chi-ha, who was cleared of charges of “violating the National Security Act and instigating a rebellion.” The article says:

Kim’s 1970 satirical poem, “Ojeok (Five Bandits),” attacked politicians, businessmen and the military elite, portraying them as corrupt and was written in the cadence of pansori, traditional Korean opera.

The poet was arrested and charged with violating anti-Communist laws and “benefiting North Korea” for publishing the poem but released on bail that year.

LOL.. excellent, a nice modern attack in a nice classical form!




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