Found on the web #32: Erotica, When Adam Opens His Eyes, Krys Lee Updates

Various things discovered by hopping, skipping and jumping over the web:

From the Korea Times, a report that (at least on the Korean language side of things), there is an erotica genre, and it is being spearheaded (so to speak), by a professor. From the article:

One of the biggest achievements of Ma Kwang-soo, a professor of Korean literature, is his contribution to producing and promoting erotic fiction as a genre in Korea.

Hard (ahem!) to say when this kind of thing will be translated into English – the gatekeepers generally frown on erotica, but when it doesit will be interesting to see if it has an audience, as:

Some are ridiculous, nonsensical, and might leave you dumbfounded. The best way to enjoy this book is not to try too hard to understand the author, because you probably won’t.


From Jeffery Hodges, a co-translator of two of the new Dalkey books which will publish on November 16th, comes more discussion of the works he translated (with his talented wife). The team translated both Yi Kwang-su’s epically long Soil and  Jang Jung-il’s story When Adam Opens His Eyes, from which Mr. Hodges posts the beginning paragraphs, so you can take a look and see if it looks interesting. I reproduce the first paragraph here, but there is more at Gypsy Scholar:

I was nineteen years old, and the things that I most wanted to have were a typewriter, prints of Munch’s paintings and a turntable for playing records. Those things alone were all that I wanted from this world when I was nineteen. But so humble were my desires that, compared to them, my mother’s wish for me to enter Seoul National University or my younger cousin’s dream of joining the Samsung Lions baseball team when he grew up, seemed even more out of reach.

• Hero^^ of Korean literature in English and friend of the blog Krys Lee reviews Amy Tan’s new book, The Valley of Amazement. Quick take, she likes it and it subverts easy cliches. Also, on November 15 Krys will be in Manila as part of Poptastik Pinoy! The event is part of the 4th Philippine International Literary Festival. Titled “Text and the City.”

 Korean-American writer Krys Lee will discuss her short story compilation Drifting House. Lee will be joined by Sarge Lacuesta, Andrea Pasion-Flores and Kristine Fonacier for a flash fiction writing masterclass, “City Fiction 100,” while other pocket lectures are being held in the Ayala Museum function rooms.


So check it out!