Found on the web #34: How LTI Promotes KT-literature; “Love”, and; Cinema

Found on the Web

Found on the web

A couple of things that I found hopping, skipping, and jumping across the web

• A long article simply titled “Love” at, which discussing the relatively recent introduction of the idea of romantic love to Korea and Korean literature, then discusses three different authors and their works, including A Gift from a Bird, which was  Eun Hee-kyung’s first novel. The other writers are Yun Dae-nyeong, and Jung Yi-hyun. Unfortunately, as interesting as these novels sound, it doesn’t seem as though they have been translated yet, so some publisher needs to get on that.^^

How Korea Promotes Its Literature and Writers to the World  is an article from Publishing Perspectives, which looks at the different ways LTI Korea is publicizing Korean literature in different countries.

Key quote:

LTI also varies its strategies in different nations. France, for example, is considered to be more accepting of foreign literature than the U.S. or Britain. So while most writers in the Korean outreach program are instructed to focus on exchange between writers, “the authors dispatched to France are required to collaborate with local translators.”

• And finally, from LIST Magazine itself, an article from 2009,Literary and Cinematic Imagination Rising from the Darkness (1970s-mid 1990s) (Link Rotted).

Relevant quote:

During the time of rule by military dictatorship to riding the historical wave of democracy,
the boundaries between literature and cinema naturally crumbled and interaction between
the two fields increased. Turning bestselling novels into blockbuster films was a major trend at the time.