Get Yer Red-Hot Korean Literature and Poetry!

KLTI has printed its second annual (if it’s not a bit cheeky to call something that is two years old “annual?” Heck, by that standard the USFL was an annual football league. I suppose that comparison won’t work for non-US citizens) collection of translations of recent Korean fiction and poetry, “New Writing from Korea 2.”

I dunno. I might work on jazzing up the title?

In any case, you can request one at

The indefatigable Brother Anthony (who I believe was involved in the translation and editing?) says:

This year’s issue is easier on the eyes than last year’s, and rather less bulky, but it includes short stories by: Ham Yujoo. Kwon Yeo-sun, Park Min Gyu. Kim Aeran and Gong Sun-ok as well as extracts from novels by Kim Jinkyoo and Kim Yeonsu, and a lot of poems by about 11 poets including Shin Yong-mok, Ham Min Bok and Kim Sa-In . . . a bargain for the price (it’s free)! The translations are good, too! (I hope)

Please do not blame me for the spelling of the names, KLTI prints writers’ names as the writers wish to have them spelled.

I am particularly amused and bemused by his last comment. As though the world of Korean translation into English were such a monstrous success that participants should waste time attacking each other for ‘deviant’ Romanization.

Anyway, drop the KLTI a line – they continue to do the good work in the trenches..

And always remember you can check out their killer website at: