GNP calls for investigation into ‘The Crucible’ author Gong Ji-young

Gong Ji-young (from The Hankyoreh)

Now this is truly absurd …. Gong Ji-young published a novel called  The Crucible that was then made into a movie of the same name. The novel and movie were based on a real-life horrific sex-scandal (details at the bottom of this post). Now, in reaction to this, the GNP is insanely attacking Gong and the movie.

Here is part of the GNP response:

Attorney Kim Yeon-ho of the GNP’s committee to investigate the Gwangju Inhwa School sexual assault incident and support the victims visited the Gwangju Metropolitan Police Agency on Thursday to request an investigation. Kim said that “citizens are agitated because of exaggerated depictions in the novel and film” and added, “Gong needs to be investigated because she is already engaging in political activities.”

Gong, who is obviously much smarter than Kim Yeon-ho, twittered a response:

In a message Thursday, she wrote, “Now the GNP has begun its plan to make me into a world-renowned author. Much appreciated.”

Another GNP politician has also been heard from (from Marmot’s Hole):

Kim Ok-Yi, a GNP Assemblywoman, faulted the police for failing to react when the movie allegedly distorted the police reaction to the initial crime.

What an utterly blockheaded thing for the GNP to be doing. To get a sense of how utterly tone-deaf this is, here is a description of the original crimes, from the Korea Times.

several disabled students at Gwangju Inhwa School, a special educational institution for the hearing-impaired, were raped by teachers for five years from 2000.

The astonishing case was revealed in 2005 by a teacher newly appointed to the school of 72 students with hearing difficulties. He disclosed that the headmaster had raped a girl at his office while an administrative officer groped a 22-year-old student. Another worker sexually assaulted 7 and 9-year-old boys and kissed a 9-year-old girl.

Such offenses are believed to have continued since 2000 and six teachers were accused. Nine victims came forward, but more cases were left unresolved since victims are believed to have concealed additional crimes in fear of repercussions or because of trauma.

Gong Ji-young is a complete and utter hero in this – performing the kind of literature-as-social commentary that the West used to do routinely (Frank Noriss’ The Octopus, Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie,  even some early Hunter S. Thompson).

These two GNP members should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

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