Intro Post

Mr. Crackerman sez…

Well, here we have the start of some….. thing……

I have plenty to say now, no doubt, but will certainly run out of steam. And Mr. Ox is as phlegmatic and retiring (though equally as broad-shouldered and swivel-hipped) as his namesake. So who know what comes from that quarter?

The notion here, I suppose, is to discuss Korea, Koreans, Korean-Americans and Americans through a primarily critical (in the literary, not attacking sense) lense. I would like this website to eventually grow to include complete forums and IMPORTANT DISCUSSION! ;-).

But I have the megalomania that comes from being an Anglo in the land of Empire.

For the moment I leave it at that as I have just put all this …. “stuff”…. up and must send some info to Mr. Ox.