Korean Literature Translation Fellowship Program 2010

Found at the Center for Korean Studies ( LINK, obviously, now dead) – A grant opportunity for students interested in translation:

The International Communication Foundation (ICF), a Seoul-based non-profit foundation, sponsors the Korean Literature Translation Fellowship Program, which is designed to provide prospective translators with financial assistance for studying at Korean universities or at their home institutions to develop their skills as translators of Korean literature. The ICF invites applications from candidates whose English is equivalent to that of a native speaker and who want to specialize in translating Korean literature into English.

Applicants must be native speakers of English or Korean nationals granted foreign residency status who are currently engaged in M.A. or Ph.D. studies in Korean literature, comparative literature, English literature, or creative writing in an academic institution, whether in Korea or in an English-speaking country, or have received admission for such studies. Also, applicants must have an ability to speak Korean at a minimum of LPI (FSI/ILR) 2.0 or OPI Advanced level.

The term of the fellowship is one year, renewable, with a monthly stipend of two million Korean won for the in-Korea program and a quarterly stipend of US$5,000 for the overseas program. During the term of the fellowship, in-Korea candidates must either be affiliated with a Korean university or pursue research under the supervision of a faculty advisor residing in Korea, and overseas program candidates must be affiliated with a program of M.A. or Ph.D. studies.

For further information, contact:

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