KTLIT Podcast: Kim Hyesoon on TBS eFM

A podcast of my segment on 1013 Mainstreet on TBS eFM. This is quite similar to last Tuesday’s post, but as usual, I include it for anyone who would rather listen than read, or whoever wants to hear what I sound like (screechy and mouthing platitudes^^).



3 thoughts on “KTLIT Podcast: Kim Hyesoon on TBS eFM

  1. Ju-Chan,

    LOL, Ahn Junghyun doesn’t ask many questions I don’t put into her mouth – I send them a script the day before we tape. When I met KHS, she specifically mentioned her trust in Don Mee Choi, so I thought it should be included. Then, when I saw some of Choi’s poetry (which I didn’t get a chance to read on air) I thought I could see an obvious connection in styles. I think I will do a Yonhap article on KHS and try to get more of that stuff in…


    Yes, there should be something like that. Someone mentioned that at the September Conference, but I guess it is still on the to-do list. – LTI Korea does put out LIST Magazine, but that is aimed more at publishers.

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