KTLIT Wikipedia Project nets 20,000 page views in last 3 months

I came across this awesome tool (Wikipedia article traffic statistics) for measuring hits on Wikipedia pages. It is a bit limited as you can only measure the last 90 days at once, but it does give a kind of snapshot of where pages are. Even the author of the tool hedges:

Q:Is the data reliable?
A: It is easily susceptible to deliberate attacks and manipulations, but for most articles it should give a fair view of the number of views. I wouldn’t base any important decisions on these stats.

The news for the KTLIT Wikipedia Project is that in the last 90 days, pages we have created or saved/substantially created have been viewed over 20,000 times. I think that’s a success?

It is funny to look at the graphs for particular authors (explore it if you like), because on some you can clearly see the “assignment effect,” in which a relatively deserted page becomes temporarily ‘hot’ as desperate students search the internet for author information.

OK, that may just be funny for me.^^

The specific statistics are below, with random analysis and comment

100% KTLIT Author Additions

100% KTLIT Author Additions

Some of this surprises me – I certainly would have expected more for Jo Kyung-ran. The other interesting thing is that female authors seem to be leading the charge.

Non-author Pages

The “award” pages were created to accommodate Wikipedia’s necessity that any published page have at least 2 links coming into them. By creating the Yi San and Dong-in Award pages, I was able to automatically create possible incoming links for Korean authors (The “novelist” page and the excellent KLTI page are the other two main tools for this).

Pages "spruced up" by KTLIT

Pages "spruced up" by KTLIT

And these are pages that existed but were in danger, for various Wikipedia rule-infraction reasons, of being disappeared.