KTLIT’s Charles on the LTI Korea Conference Page

Browsing around the LTI Korea site, looking for their translation list, I was amused (well, alarmed at how old and pudgy I look) to find a picture of KTLIT’s own Charles Montgomery (did I just talk about myself in the third person?^^).  I am apparently making some very important point while my lovely co-presenter is preparing to garotte herself to end the boredom of listening to me.^^

You can find the article by going to the LTI Korea homepage (bizarrely you cannot link to it directly), and clicking on the purplish picture shown to the right – the picture that is more or less directly beneath the world map.




2 thoughts on “KTLIT’s Charles on the LTI Korea Conference Page

  1. The black shirt and jacket, combined with the purple tie, create a very noire look, as if you are a fan of genre works by the great Dashiel Hammett.

  2. LOL… Accidental.. I always bring two shirts to an afternoon presentation and don’t eat lunch. This was just the second of the two shirts I had clean (Friday – all the other workshirts already worn).

    Though I am keen on noire.

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