Lee Oisoo Last Year’s “Most Popular Novelist”

Lee Oisoo

In expectation of Oisoo being one of the next author’s to go up on the Wikipedia (if anyone has any info, please send it along!), KTLIT noted with interest that last year (2009) he was voted “Most Popular Novelist” in a survey by Gallup Korea.

Over 1,700 people over the age of 13 participated in the poll, withthe 62 year old  Oisoo getting some 13.5% of the votes.

Interestingly, this actually puts Oisoo in 2nd place, as a whopping 60% of those surveyed could not come up with a novelist’s name, when asked for their favorite! That’s an astoundingly high number, and I’m sure it suggests something dire about the future of fiction in Korea.  Unfortunately I could find no similar poll for the U.S. (all polls were on websites, so the selection would be highly skewed towards people who care).

For more details on other authors in the survey, please look here