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Assorted things which caught my eye, but didn’t make a full post

Ch’oe’s writing has at times been criticised for having the unpolished style commonly found in translated works. However it reflects a tension and suprression that a superficially smooth literary style would fail to capture.

Heh, I guess it didn’t matter to me because I was reading it in translation. πŸ˜‰

  • An article that is primarily interesting because it contains an essay by Park Kyong-ni on the importance of han to Korean Writing (Link has rotted). He touches on some changes he sees as bad, which comment sort of obliquely on one of the things I really like about Korean literature: That it is, compared to western modern literature, Korean lit is about life and real events. Park says:

‘To end, I would like to talk about our contemporary literature. In Korea our literature seems very rich and varied, reflecting all aspects of life. But why does this richness make us anxious? Why does this variety trouble us? We have to admit that we are in a state of crisis, worsening every day. Occasionally we notice that our literature has taken a very wrong direction and is distancing itself more and more from true life and from truth.

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  1. Hi Charles, very interesting reading.

    FYI, I am planning to take in the FC Seoul vs Suwon game this coming Sunday, April 4 at 3:00 at Sangam World Cup stadium.

    I usually get the 12 000 W seats.

    If you are interested, put a comment on my blog with your contact info in it, and I will NOT publish it (only I will view it). I see you are careful about your contact info, too.

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