Found on the Web #3

First, an interesting find for a dedicated fan of Kim Young-ha (hosted on my other site, since I can’t find the original). It’s a poor quality recording of three artists reading, including Kim reading “Whatever Happened to the Guy Stuck in the Elevator? The file format is M3u, which is kind of outdated, but VLC and other sound applications play it just fine. You will find Kim’s reading at just about 20:30 and the amusing claim from the emcee that Kim “grew up in the DMZ.

Second, I  mentioned this article (PDF) about Ch’oe Yun’s “The Gray Snowman” in a previous link dump, but failed to link it!  Now that problem is fixed. ^^

Related, a classically overstuffed paroxysm of jargon from the Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism (by a man whose name sounds imaginary – Jon Kief). Entitled “On the Body with Wintergreen Organs: Excising Texts, Narrating Ribs in Ch’oe Yun’s “The Gray Snowman.” Chock full of beauties like

Faced with the present’s threat of subjective dispersion, Hawôn remembers the past; she turns inwards to memory as a field of bounded interiority.  This attempt at resistance, however, is by no means successful; it yields a fundamental disempowerment that consolidates the legitimacy of the present.

Which is a hell of way of saying time’s one way arrows can do more than wound, and people remember stuff.


The present act of remembering is an act of re-membering; the events of the past become known-present-visible to the remembering subject when they “return” to memory.  To remember is thus to rediscover the events of one’s past

Which manages to miss a slice.. after all the act of “re-membering” is an act of “re-member-ing,” and portentously explode the simple idea that memory is where we store the past.

Finally, and substantially less pretentious is review of Yi Kwang-Su And Modern Korean Literature: Mujông, by Ann Sung-Hi Lee, from KoreaWeb. Mujong is arguably the first Korean modern novel, and it is interesting to read Lee pondering if it is as important today as it was in its day.

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  1. It’s amazing! I did it at the Iowa University in 2003. This unexpected recording reminds me of a short story of Jorge Luis Borges. In this interesting story, young Borges meets old Borges.

  2. 찰스 교수님, 와~~! 대단하세요. 한국어와 한국문화 공부 많이 하시고 한국을 더 많이 알려주세요. 결석하지 마세요. ^^감사합니다.

  3. LOL..

    I’m honored that both Kim Young-ha and my 한국어 선생님 have commented on the same post!

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