LOLCATZ! “The Hobbit” is Korean Literature (found on the web)

LOL… at “librarything” they tagmash “Korean” and “Fiction” and get such obvious Korean works as:

  • The Hobbit
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Where the Wild Things Are

This “tagmash” thing may not be an exact science…

7 thoughts on “LOLCATZ! “The Hobbit” is Korean Literature (found on the web)

  1. Charles,

    The SLL holds regular meetings, but alas I am not an invitee. It’s created by the Ambassador of Sweden, and apparently you have to be an author or embassy personnel to attend. It has no website or contact info that I have ever been able to find, though a trip to the Swedish Embassy might fix that…

  2. You should contact the Swedish Embassy.

    If one wants to accomplish important goals, one must take steps towards that end.

    For an example of a foreign language translation award that is well done, see:

    Perhaps these foreign embassies, which have strong commercial interests in ROK, could be persuaded to fund a translation award?

    Even a commitment by each embassy to annually contribute 1 million won would add up rapidly.

  3. Charles,

    LOL.. I’m not sure I’m aiming at important goals, I’m kind of old and tired.^^ But, yeah, I have the address of the consulate and now that I’ve been published in a couple places here, and have been on radio and TV, I’ll see if I’m deemed important enough for involvement.. these guys are pretty unashamedly exclusive .. Their club, their rules and that’s how it should be.

    As to banipal, that is nice, and so is the magazine. Korea tends to do this through newspaper awards (and the KLTI) and I’m not sure how often the “winners” get translated… The Germans also do a similar thing with an institute in the UK, staffed by UK folks… I don’t have the name of it on the tip of my tongue, but I met one of its editors when I was in a conference in New Zealand at the end of the last year. The binding thing I see (or one of them) is that these successful efforts occur outside of their countries of origin…

  4. The publication should be in an English-language market, of course.

    No one associates Korea with English-language anything.

    Maybe the embassy staff would view you as a type of emblem, like a pet dog, and invite you to sit by the hearth.

  5. LOL…

    As long as I get a tasty treat now and then and the fire is warm?

    I’d accept that condition…

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