LTI Korea Director Kim Seong-kon goes up on Wikipedia..

KTLIT을 팔로우하시는 한국 분들, 영어 위키백과 사이트를 여기에서 볼 수 있습니다:

This one will grow over time.. I have a long interview with the director as well as an extensive CV, but until I can get the transcript cleared with Director Kim, I can’t use that.. So, for now, it looks something like this (I love being able to put photos in^^ and you can see the wiki page here):

 Kim Seong-kon


Kim Seong-kon is the Director of LTI Korea, founded by the Korean government and which has the aim ofpromoting Korean literature and culture overseas in order to contribute to  global culture.


Kim is also an English professor at Seoul National University and a regular columnist for the Korea Herald. Kim has been active across academia, at various times having served as the Dean of SNU’s language school and director of the Seoul National University Press. He was the founding president of the Korean Association of Literature and Film and president of the International Association of Comparative Korean Studies.[1] Kim is also an English-literature scholar having served as the President of the Korean Association of Modern Fiction in English and the American Studies Association of Korea. [2]



Kim received his Ph.D. in English from SUNY Buffalo in 1984. He joined the faculty of Seoul National University in the same year.[3]


2008: State University of New York at Buffalo’s International Distinguished Alumni Award.[4]