More Books and the Translator Hits Korea

In reverse order of importance.^^

Two days ago the Translator, his lovely wife the Korean Teacher, The Great Reunifier (and my Godson), and about 7/9 of a daughter yet to be revealed, all landed in Seoul. They brought with them 8 books I had ordered from various online sources.

The jewels are:

A Respite and other Korean Short stories,  UNESCO; 1983 (Son Chang-sop, Kim Song-han, Chang Yong-hak, Chan Kwang-yong,  Yi Ho-chol,  O Sang-won, Nam Chong-hyon)

Two Travelers and other Korean Short Stories, UNESCO; 1983 (So Ki-won, Ha Kun-chan, Choe Il-nam, Kwon Tae-ung, O Yu-gwon, Song Pyong-su, Pak Yong-suk)

Collected Short Stories from Korea P.E.N./ Eomun Gag  1961

Ulwha the Shaman (Collection) Kim Tong-ni Larchwood Publication 1979

Words of Farewell Stories by Korean Woman Writers, Seal Press; 1989 (Kang Seok-kyeong, Kim Chi-won, O Chong-hui)

The Good People: Korean stories (Oh-yong-su) 1985

Values of Korean People Mirrored in Fiction (II) by Kim Tae-kil: Kwang Munwhasa; 1990


The Sound of my Waves (Selected poems of Ko Un)

Folk Tales of Old Korea by Tae Hung Ha (and in absolutely execrable condition