New York Times Book Review on “Please Look After Mom”

"Please Look After Mom" Book Cover

"Please Look After Mom" Book Cover

Mythili G. Rao writes a brief review  of Please Look After Mom under the title “A Woman Goes Missing in Seoul,”  in the New York Time Book Review and its another one to add to the long hit list.

Mythili notes (and rightfully mentions  brilliant translator Chi-Young Kim):

Shin’s prose, intimate and hauntingly spare in this translation by Chi-Young Kim, moves from first to second and third person, and powerfully conveys grief’s bewildering immediacy. Chi-hon’s voice is the novel’s most distinct, but Father’s is the most devastating.

and also

this book isn’t as interested in emotional manipulation as it is in the invisible chasms that open up between people who know one another best. Who is the missing woman? In this raw tribute to the mysteries of motherhood, only Mom knows.

Is it time for that third press run yet? ^^

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    Shin’s book has made the top 100 list (fiction and non-fiction combined) on its first day on


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