Not Exactly about Translation – but great (FREE) online book @ Korea

Props to Gusts of Popular Feeling for finding the 1950 book The Epic Of Korea, by A. Wigfall Green (Whose name alone, should earn entry into the pantheon of writers about Korea).

GoPF notes:

He provides a helpful introduction, but one which would probably not get published today:

Korea, to some Americans, is a land of gooks. Every one knows vaguely, but no one specifically, what a gook is. Perhaps a gook is any one other than a North American, but he is, more especially, an Oriental: a native of any of the South Pacific islands, a Filipino, a Japanese, a Chinaman, or a Korean. He is one whose turn of mind is not Western or American. He is one whose culture is so different that the average American cannot understand him. Gook is sometimes used to belittle; but it is also used to express familiarity and even fondness, as “Hello, Joe!” is used by the American in greeting the Filipino, or the Filipino the American.

Still, the entire text of the novel is available at the internet archive and I’ve already cut and pasted the text document to a Word file on my desktop.