Park Min-gyu (The author of goggles!) Goes up on the Wikipedia

Park Min-gyu, 삑민규

Park Min-gyu, who The Translator and I have begun to work on, was not on the Wikipedia. He kind of is now…
Exact birthdate of Park Min-gyu
Complete info on the Yi Sang Literary Awards — this would make cross-linking in the Wikipedia so much easier!

This is a Korean name; the family name is “Park“.

Park Min-gyu (born 1968) (Hangul: 박) is a South Korean writer.


Park Min-gyu was born in Ulsan, a city in the very southeast of South Korea in 1968. [1] He graduated from Chungang University. He published his first novels. Legend of the world’s superheroes (Chigu yongung chonsol) and The Sammi Superstars’ Last Fan Club (Sammi syuposuta oe majimak paenkullob), in 2003 and these works earned him the Munhak Dongne New Author Award and the Hankyoreh Literary Prize for the same year[2]. His short story Raccoon World (Komawo, kwayon neoguri-ya) was included in the 2005 Yi Sang Literary Award Collection. [3]

Park’s most clearly evident characteristic is his keen, often absurdist sense of humor, which always works in the service of his stories, and never overwhelms them. The world Park describes is the global capitalist one, in which human lives and souls have little impact other than as commercially available entities. His characters are often financially attenuated and have little or no prospects.[4]

Park is famous as a writer and a character, as he affects very long hair and often wears unusual sunglasses that border on goggles.[5] Park’s most recent novel, Ping Pong, was published in 2006.


Works in English

Works in Korean (Partial)

Legend of the world’s superheroes
The Sammi Superstars’ Last Fan Club
Ping Pong
Raccoon World
Chattering Dragons
Sponge Cake


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  1. Thanks for putting up the wikipage. I updated it with more recent information, but haven’t put up all the literary prizes (including the Yi Sang prize, which he won last year, finally) or tables of contents for the short story collections.

    He’s also in a band, and the last novel included a CD of said band.

  2. Dear Kokkiri,

    Thanks… What I’m really looking for is an English description of the Yi Sang Award and all the winners. One of the things that Wikipedia police get pissed about is not enough links TO a new page. The bottom limit seems to be about three. This means a link from the Korean Novelists Page, A link from the author’s college (if it exists on the wiki), a link from the KLTI, if they list the author on their page, or a link from anywhere else I can find.

    If I could add a page for the Yi Sang Award, it would cover most all of the authors I am currently dealing with.


  3. Thanks for the link!

    I’ll be looking at it myself as The Translator has a wife and two children, one just born. ^^

    I should be able to distill the gist of it..

    do you have the name 고끼리 or are you romanizing 코끼리?

    Anyway, your help is invaluable..

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