Park Wan-Suh’s Birthday honored on Google Doodle

Today, October 20th, is the birthday of great Korean author Park Wan-suh, who passed away last year. The folks at Google are honoring her birthday by featuring her on the Google doodle on the Korean language and English language pages (The other languages are not doodled today and this only appears to show up for some IP addresses).

It features a young Park herself, holding the “singa” mentioned in the title of her best known (in English) work, Who Ate Up All the Singa? It looks like this:

Park Wan-suh is definitely worth checking out, which you can do here on KTLIT.

4 thoughts on “Park Wan-Suh’s Birthday honored on Google Doodle

  1. I didn’t know she died. I feel so terrible. But I also feel good because October 20 is my father’s birthday. Hooray for Google, honoring her in this way.

  2. Happy birthday to dad!

    Park had been ill for a while, so her death was not a surprise. Still, the loss of a great one.

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