Rolling out Shin Kyung-sook’s “Take Care of My Mother” in 15 Languages

As reported over at the Herald,

The publication rights for the best-selling South Korean novel “Take Care of My Mother” have been sold in 15 countries, with the first overseas edition to be published in China next year, a local agency said Tuesday, according to Yonhap News.

I can’t seem to find the article, but this book was credited for turning around the fiction publishing industry in Korea. It’s a topical book, focusing on Alzeheimer’s and according to an article at the times features the splintered narratives that modern Korean author’s love so much.

The book consists of four chapters in which the narrators are the daughter, son, husband, and finally, the mother. In each chapter, the narrators tell of their memories and experiences.

As they look for her, they come to realize their indifference to her pain and loneliness. They realize their love for her because of their need.

Might make a nice chick-flick?

And, at least, it’s another step away from political novels. πŸ˜‰