Sometimes you just have to DO Something: Saving Cho Se-hui’s “The Dwarf”^^


Woke up this morning and my daily trawl of the internet found that someone (pretty clearly Korean) had put up a really, really, basic page about Cho Se-hui’s The Dwarf, a book I am quite fond of. Unfortunately, that page was headed for speedy deletion because it looked like this:


A Start

About 45 minutes later, The Dwarf now has a spiffy page with proper spelling, grammar, and quite a bit more explanation and analysis..

My work here is done!^^

3 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to DO Something: Saving Cho Se-hui’s “The Dwarf”^^

  1. syntax error
    According to Reversion Korean Syntax, title is not ‘Nanjangi'(난장이), for instand ‘nanjengi'(난쟁이).


    In fact, 난장이(nanjangi) is an incorrect Korean word. 난쟁이(nanjaengi) is correct.
    “–장이(jangi)” means a skillful person, a professional doer of something.
    Rumours have it that some publishers corrected this word into 난쟁이 and then republished the story because of the “typo.”

    As this is the title of fiction, it has been tolerated. Or some believe it is part of the authorial intention.
    Nobody will care LOL

    I must say though that this is not a “syntactical” problem.

  2. Sang-bin,


    I didn’t know what to make of that section – it was left by the original poster.

    If the page isn’t tagged for anything else, I may just go back and pull that whole secttion…

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