subject, object, verb has apparently given up bubblegum – is kicking it hard

subject, object, verbsubject, object, verb (all of those things and more) are not only obvious fans of eecummings (see, I removed ALL the unnecessary bits!) but are currently the best blog in the world that focuses on Korean translation. They sometimes come and go, as projects are given them (fortunately for me I am an international man of leisure with no need to work… except.. you know…. if you’ll pay me…. ANYTHING!!!). But at the moment they are on a stupendous hot streak of great posts that you should check out.

They are a rare combination of actual translators, literary critics, and (well, ok, this is stretching it) bon vivants!

Be sure to check out:

• On Translating Gong Ji-young’s Our Happy Time with an excellent link to an additional article
• New publication: The Real Modern: Literary Modernism and the Crisis of Representation in Colonial Korea
• Translations of Korean Lit in The American Reader now available online (which talks about a story by Pak Min-gyu that I helped translate years ago. I’m stuck in that point between happiness they did it, and unhapiness the version I worked on wasn’t published. At the next soiree in Korea, I plan to snootily ignore all contributors to sov! Eh… since the article includes a link to the story, I will, just this once, forgive them for doing a way better job than the team I worked with.
 Chi-young Kim on translations getting in the mood. Chi-young Kim, as regular readers and listeners of this site know, is a killer translator. She  had gone from success to success, working with authors such as Kim Young-ha and Shin Kyung-sook and just having concluded The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly (an alarming story of a suicidal old chicken!!^^), which is sure to be a success in the children’s market. But more importantly, Kim talks about how one gets into the moods of disparate characters.

And that, my friend was LAST WEEK at sov.

As I said, it sometimes runs hot and cold, but it’s scorching now, so check it out.

LOL.. but don’t trust that post on Brother Anthony quite yet, as the London blog site seems to have made a booboo. Brother Anthony will be here for the events listed here (apology for the obvious pimping of my own site, but the Brother himself straightened me out^^)

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