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A new project.  To find all the places online where you can read translated Korean Modern Literature, free ( Here are the works so far (I still have to get all the Korea Journal articles before 1989 and many of the works translated by Brother Anthony).

If you know of a work that is NOT included here, please comment.




Han Mal-Suk

Ch’ae Man-shik

Cheon Seung-se

Cho Se-Hui

Ch’oe Chong-Hui

Ch’oe In-Ho

Ch’oe In-Hun

Ch’oe Song-Yu Mountain Berries Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.29 No.7 July 1989 pp. 68~68
Ch’oe Yun

Ch’ŏn Un-yŏng

  • Ali Skips Rope (Translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton) Acta Koreana Vol.14 No.1 June 2011
  • Aftertaste (Translated by Julie Y. Min) Acta Koreana Vol.14 No.1 June 2011
Chon Sang-Kuk

Chong Ch’an

Chong Chol

Chong Pi-sok

Chong Yon-Hui

  • The Nest Korean Literature Today Vol. 4. No. 3100
Han Gang

Han Seung-Won

Han Ung-bin

Han Yu-Ju

  • Lament  Words Without Borders
Hwang Sun-Won

Hwang Sok-Yong

Hyon Chin-Gon

Hyon Ki-yong

Hyun Kil-Un

Im Chol-Woo

Jang Jung-Ill

  • Mother Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.29 No.10 Oct. 1989 pp. 56~62
Jeon Seong-Tae

Jeong I-Hyeon

Jo Kyung Ran

Jun Sang Guk

Jung Mi-kyung

Kim Ae-ran

Kim Chu-Yong

  • Winter Bird Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.29 No.10 Oct. 1989 pp. 42~55
Kim Dong-Ni

Kang Shin-Jae

Kim Ha-gie

Kim In-Suk

Kim Jeong-Han

Kim Jun-Sung

Kim Junghyeok

Kim Kyeong-Uk

Kim Min-sook

Kim Moon-Soo

Kim Nam-Ch’ŏn

Kim Song-dong

Kim Su-Jang

  • Debts Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.29 No.6 June 1989 pp.2 2~22
Kim Won-Il

Kim Yong-hyon

Kim Yong-Ik

Kim Young-ha

Kim Yu-Jong

Ku Hyo-sŏ

Kwon Yeo-sun

Na Chi-Song

  • Optimist Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.29 No.2 Feb. 1989 pp. 72~72
Ho Nansolhon

Lee Bom-Son

Lee Gi-ho

  • Earnie Words Without Borders
Lee Je-ha

Lee Seung-U

Shin Kyung-Sook

O Chong-Hui  / Oh Jung-hee

O Hak-yong

Pak In-Ro

Pak Tae-Won

Pak Wan-so

Pang Hyon-sok

Park Joh-Yeol

Park Min-Gyu

P’yŏn Hye-Yŏng

Seo Jeong-In

Shin Hum

Shim Bo-seon

So Ki-Won

Son Chang-Sop

Song Kwon-Yong

  • Pomegranite (Korea Journal PDF) Vol.29 No.12 Dec. 1989 pp. 37~37
Sunwoo hui

  • Flame Korean Literature Today Vol. 2. No. 133
Un Hui-Kyong

Yang Gui-ja

  • The Tearoom Woman Korean Literature Today Vol. 4. No. 2110
  • Rust Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.26. No.9 Sep., 1986
  • A Distant and Beautiful Place (Currently unavailable) University of Hawai’I Press
Yi Ch’ong-hae

Yi Ch’ong-Jun

Yi Hyo-Sok

Yi Kwang-Su

  • Mystery Woman Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.29 No.12 Dec. 1989 pp. 56~59
Yi Mun-Yol

Yi Oryong

Yi Sang

  • Lost Flower (Translated by Steven D. Capener) Acta Koreana, Vol.13 No.2   December 2010
  • Phantom Illusion Korean Literature Today Vol. 3. No. 331
Yi Sun-Won

Yi T’ae-jun

Yi Un-Sang

  • Forshthias Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.29 No.3 March 1989  pp.58~58
Yi Won-Gyu

Yu Jae-Yong

Yun Dae-Ryong

Yun Heung Gil

Yun Hu-Myong

Yun Jung-mo

  • Night Road (PDF) Korea Journal Vol.35 No.2 Summer 1995 pp.117~128

30 thoughts on “The “All Modern Korean Literature in Translation Online” Project!

  1. This is fantastic ! (and perhaps, ambitious?) I always associate Brother Anthony with Chun Sang-byung, or Ko Un… well, he has translated quite a lot of contemporary writers as well. Thanks Charles and KTLIT for this.
    Just one thought: I see here only one story published in Words Without Borders. They have published 31 works translated from Korean, including poetry, story stories, essays and others (graphic novels are separated). You can use the language filter to get the result. Here is the link.
    For this project, do you mainly focus on fiction?

  2. Dear AskGodot,

    Yes, fiction only, as I’m not a fan of most translated poetry (the demands of translation are usually too great to be accomplished).

    Thanks for the World Without Borders link, I will check it out and gradually add it to this list. I also have a bunch of odds and ends on the blog, that I’ll have to hunt down and link.


  3. Dear troisroyaumes,

    In fact it is, but it requires a subscription (typically through an academic institution), so it is useless to the general reader.


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  6. first of all, great website. thanks so much for making these stories available.
    second, quick question… has Oh Jung Hee’s “Toyshop Woman” ever been translated into English and anthologized? every article about her mentions her first story as groundbreaking but i can’t seem to find it anywhere.
    thanx in advance

  7. Dear Charles,

    I work as an acquition editor in a reputable publisher in Indonesia. I found that Indonesian people getting more excited to anything about Korea nowadays. I think it would be very interesting to translate and publish Korean modern literature. Some works from Guiyeoni and Jeong I-hyeon, for example, are thrilling me. Could you inform me any contact to the writers and their publishers? It will be great if you also could suggest some titles, especially in drama/romance genre, from another Korean writers. Thank you very much in advance.

  8. Sandi,

    You might also try out the link “Where to Start in Korean Modern Fiction” on the right column.

    Soon I’ll be putting up a “Korean modern history through Literature” post.

    Glad you enjoy the site.

  9. Can’t stress how important this is to the world of letters. Indebted and eternally grateful.

    Very sincerely yours,

  10. Hi. This an excellent compendium. What about Kim Young-ha’s, “what Ever Happened to the Guy Stuck in the Elevator?”

    Or Our Twisted Hero, by Yi Munyol? Both are excellent stories, particularly for students.

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  12. Jeanne,

    It has been added, along with another few Kim Young-ha stories. I am not aware of Our Twisted Hero being available online.

  13. Thank You so much. Will give you feedback after reading them. Great effort and keep up the good work.

  14. There have been many translations of Korean short stories and some poetry published in Acta Koreana, these are all available for free download from their website. You can find one or two translations at the end of each edition going back years.

    Keep up the great work!

  15. Sophie,

    Awesome… I love the work Acta Koreana does (in fact I’ve written reviews for them in the past), but somehow was unaware of their free online fiction. I’ll check it out and add it to the project!

  16. This is absolutely fantastic. I’m going to write a blog post about this, and also share it on Facebook! Great job – awesome resource!

    Truthfully… I don’t even know where to BEGIN reading!

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  18. Is certain to pit your skin and leave you looking like a bad impersonation of the full moon. Between the vodka, rotted beets, and radiation from Cherbnobyl, it’s the perfect thing for the person who wants to loathed and despised upon first sight.

  19. First of all, thank you so much, you don’t really know how happy i’m because i find this work. Honestly, Great effort and keep up the good work.

    I would like to know if there is any english translation of the book ” 하루” by kwong Dayewong.

    Thank you so much

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  21. Can you recommend me good stories in this list that were set in Joseon era? I really want to read one! 😀

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  23. The Red Queen and then the rest is gonna pretty much be K-dramas….. Hong-Gildong, maybe.. Tales of Kumo (if it’s been translated) then watch a lot of K-fiction.^^

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