The Wikipedia Project Becomes More Complicated

It turns out that when you add pages that have only one or two links IN to the page, some eager beavers add an “orphan” tag which doesn’t threaten the existence of the page, but makes it look unprofessional and blocks the top of the page.

Wikipedia Orphan Tag

Wikipedia Orphan Tag

In order to fix this, other pages need to be created that link back and forth.

For instance, creation of a Dong-in Literature award page would allow the authors to be linked back and forth. In fact creation of a page for each literary award would eliminate the orphan tags AND create more content about Korean literature on the web.

But it’s a lot of work…. needs volunteers or money. ^^

Anyone listening?

3 thoughts on “The Wikipedia Project Becomes More Complicated

  1. I’m listening. I’m pretty busy right now creating the materials for a public speaking class I’m doing for SMOE, but once that calms down, I’ll lend a hand.

    Re: Foreigner’s Day, I usually sit in front of the GS 25 at exit 2 with a frosty beverage about an hour before game time. However, virtually no one wants to come with me, on account of the weather, so I may not be there.

  2. Only internal links, as far as I can tell.. that’s a guess based on the fact that if Wikipedia does have suggestions for links, they are all internal.

    LOL.. I need to buy a copy of “Wikipedia for Idiots”

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