Video: Krys Lee (Drifting House) Speaks at What The Book in Itaewon

Krys Lee sign at What the BookThe estimable What the Book in Itaewon invited author Krys Lee (who wrote the epic and sometimes harrowing Drifting House) to give a reading and it was standing room only in the space between the counter and the racks of books. It was so crowded that author Lee read standing up, surrendering her chair to the audience.^^

Attendees included some rather famous folks in the field of Korean translated literature including Stephen Epstein who translated The Long Road by Kim In-suk and Sora Kim-Russell who recently translated Pak Min-gyu’s Is That So? I’m a Giraffe for the Asia Literary Review.

After a short introduction by Penguin Group representative Jeeyeon Oh, Lee introduced herself and read two short passages from her book.

The first passage was from the relatively lighthearted At the Edge of The World, and shaky camera in shaky hand, I filmed it:


Lee read one other section and then it was question time, including a question about Lee’s next work, to which she responded:

A grand time was had by all, and I hope that What The Book does more events like this in the future..

Here is a picture of the crowd..

Krys Lee's Audience

3 thoughts on “Video: Krys Lee (Drifting House) Speaks at What The Book in Itaewon

  1. Krys Lee will be joinging the 10 Magazine book club this Sunday to talk about her collection of short stories ‘Drifting House’. So if you couldn’t make it to What the Book on Saturady or you want to hear more of what she has to say everyone is welcome to join the meeting this Sunday.

    Here are the details:

    Date: Sunday, June 24th
    Time: 2 pm
    Place: Café Bene Basement (Book Café), Itaewon, Line 6
    Directions: Come out of exit 2 of Itaewon station and walk straight for 3-4 minutes. Café Bene is on your left and the book café is in the basement. It is the FIRST Café Bene on your left, opposite the fire station.
    (Call Barry on 010 5638 8859 if you get lost or can’t find it)

    And a link to the Facebook page –!/events/234921493286097/

    All the best,

  2. I devoured Drifting House in nearly one hungry gulp last week, then went to the 10 Magazine book club to hear Krys Lee speak. She’s wonderfully thoughtful and articulate. She was incredibly generous with her time and insights. I can’t wait to read her next book. I’ve been telling my Korean friends to read Drifting House when it comes out in Korean.

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