Wonky KTLIT Wikipedia Project Update

We discovered a new tool in the Wikipedia Project…

Wikipedia has a “categories” function that I had never noticed, but pops up in searches.Β  Search for “Korean Novelists” and you get this:

The "Category" Category

Now this was weird —- many authors (with pages or not) on the Korean novelists page were not listed here.

A quick visit to the sites that WERE in the “categories” revealed they had a kind of footer:

Aha! The "category" thing...

And poking into that, I discovered the code that put a page into a category:

The trick..

This makes pages much more searchable. Tragically, it means I have to go back and add this to the pages I have already done.

Though I won’t do that now. Why?

Because I will certainly learn more things I need to do – sort of create the template through practice.

As that happens, I will post the Wikipedia code, just in case anyone else wants to help with this work.

So far the response has been underwhelming, but I maintain hope. πŸ˜‰