Yet Another Translation Institute Unaware of Korean Literature (Other Charles Edition)

Just got off a plane from SFO to Incheon, so I’m a little bit punchy. But at the airport I noted that Charles (the other) had responded to my previous post and, as he often does, included a relevant link.

This time it was to the Center for the Art of Translation (ALAS now a dead link). But lo and behold, when I went to the page that lists all (ALAS now a dead link) their Two Lines  World Library publications and went 5 years back? Not one single Korean translation…  There was Persian, Danish, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Urdu and even Zapotec. And that was just the LAST ISSUE! But no Korean…

I think, and with more than a hat tip to Charles (The Other) I’m going to put a list of all of these things together and send them to the KLTI, and publishers, to see if any of them can get off the stick.

I’m not claiming that being represented in these contests is going to change the landscape, but it

a) would be nice
b) would at least help the 3percenters know about Korean lit
c) could be useful in pr
d) could be useful in selling the idea of Korean translation to foreign publishers.

This could be a busy year. ^^

One thought on “Yet Another Translation Institute Unaware of Korean Literature (Other Charles Edition)

  1. In WLT magazine there is one reference to Korea back in 2010.

    WLT offers a prize:

    Perhaps one could contact WLT to submit an article on Korean literature, and encourage a publisher to submit a well-translated book for prize consideration.

    It is a reasonably well-known magazine.

    If you want to make a case for Korean literature in translation, this would be a good venue.

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